“Career development is a life-long process of skills acquisition and building through a continuum of learning, development, and mastery. This process enables people to be in charge of their own career, with enough of focus and direction for stability and enough flexibility and adaptability for change along the way.  Career management equips people to make good choices throughout their lives. The aim is to help people become self-reliant, allowing them to enjoy personal satisfaction and fulfillment while contributing as fully as possible to our ever-changing society.”  GCDF Manual.

Your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of who you are as a professional.  It is an ever-changing marketing tool, but it is also SO much more.  The ability that LinkedIn gives you to "meet" new people, search for jobs, bring your accomplishments, skills, and strengths to the attention of employers, and take advantage of the wealth of information being shared is simply invaluable. I see it as your on-line career management tool. 

Let me help you maximize the potential of a well-crafted LinkedIn profile.  Here is my profile, as an example. Your LinkedIn page is always going to be a "work in progress" as your career develops.